Machu Picchu Luxury Tours

If you’re thinking of travelling to Machu Picchu, the lost city located in Peru don’t hesitate to consider a Machu Picchu luxury tour, so you can travel in comfort while experiencing the splendor of this magical location.

Hiram Binghan train

Luxury Machu Picchu Train

Machu Picchus luxury tours afford you a glimpse into a most fascinating civilization, long gone. There are many speculations (like the Incans worship of the sun God or for their astronomical connection to the stars and Planets) but to this date the reason for the ancient cities location remains unknown.

If you embark on this tour, be it with family and friends or alone, you will always receive your own personal tour guide who is versed in the English language and has much knowledge of this ancient culture. One is also able to visit the ruins up close and marvel at the construction of the buildings that were done without any form of mortar and that to this day are more resistant to earthquakes than most modern buildings.

If you trek the famous Inca trail to Machu Picchu you will also get to experience the varying climatic temperatures that the climb offers. It takes roughly four days to complete and enables you to get a first hand view of the breathtaking beauty of the area. Of course the Machu Picchu luxury tour can also be done by a private train ride through the mountains arriving right under the ruins at the enchating village of Aguas Calientes. Like this you can see all the historic sites without the discomfort of the arduous climb. The train that offers the most luxurious ride is the Hiram Bingham train which departs from the city of Poroy (approximately twenty minutes from Cusco). During your trip you will be spoilt with the most sumptuous meals and get to taste the local Peruvian beer and wine. You will also be entertained during your journey and the well experienced guides will provide you with interesting information about the location that you are visiting before you arrive.

A wonderful tidbit to note about the name of this luxury train is that it was named after the man who first rediscovered the ancient city. He is now considered the founder of the city, as had it not been for his persistence to locate it, the city may have remained a hidden mystery forever.

The key to choosing the best Machu Picchu luxury tour to suit you is by electing whether you would like to trek their or arrive by train. All the luxury tours include all meals, luxury accommodations while camping; they offer the most comfortable sleeping bags along with oversized tents and the top of the line hiking gear. Some luxury tours even provide top quality mattresses to their clients along with portable toilets and showers.

After you choose your ultimate luxury package, come visit this magical city and discover the indescribable energy and beauty of this hidden fortress amongst the majestic Andes for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!!

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